Feel Good CBD Products are THC Free

Feel Good CBD Products

Feel Good CBD Products are THC Free!

Understanding a rapidly expanding CBD industry, which lacks regulations and standards, isn’t easy. Many companies market their products with odd and confusing claims. One of the most common is that CBD products are “THC free.” So what does it mean for a CBD product to be truly “THC free”?

The industry and legal standard for THC concentration in CBD products is less than 1MG THC by weight per container. In order to determine if a product is within this legal limit, legitimate CBD manufacturers have their products tested by a third-party lab to obtain a Certificate of Analysis (COA). Feel Good CBD products contain only the highest quality, lab-tested, THC free CBD isolate.

What are the benefits of CBD isolate?

An expertly blended recipe of pure CBD isolate and high quality organic oils sets Feel Good apart as a leading CBD manufacturer in the UK. A precisely measured quantity of CBD isolate in every product ensures that they all have the desired effect. For example; the CBD Hand Mechanic Cream is designed to combat daily wear and tear. Whereas the CBD Sports Recovery Balm is for deeper issues that require a higher concentration of CBD.

People who are drugs tested at work can use Feel Good CBD products with confidence. Those in careers that require testing can gain the benefits of CBD without the worry of THC showing up on their tests. These include professional sports, the armed forces and many more. In comparison, many of the companies that sell CBD hemp oil and full-spectrum CBD products cannot guarantee that THC won’t show up on a test.

The many advantages of using a pure CBD isolate are clear. Not only is it THC free and easy to dose, but it is also very versatile. Every Feel Good CBD product has been developed to help with a specific purpose in mind. Check out our CBD Essentials Range – there is something for everyone!