Are Feel Good CBD Products Legal?

Is Feel Good CBD legal

Are Feel Good CBD products legal?

“Are Feel Good CBD products legal?”, is a question that is often asked, especially by people who are newly interested in discovering the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD). The simple answer to this question is; “Yes”.

The first cannabis-based medicine became available in the UK under prescription in 2015. This was made possible by The Misuse of Drugs (Designation). Today CBD products are legal as long as they have a  THC level no greater than 1mg.

All of the CBD products in the Feel Good range have been developed using CBD isolate, which is cannabidiol in it’s purest form. Using CO2 extraction methods in the lab scientists are able to remove all of the unwanted chemicals, including THC. So the raw material in every Feel Good CBD product has passed vigorous tests and they all have a THC level no greater than 1mg.

New regulations from 31st March 2020

However, the regulation of CBD in the UK is changing. Emily Miles, Chief Executive of the Food Standards Agency, said:

“CBD products are widely available on the high street but are not properly authorised. The CBD industry must provide more information about the safety and contents of these products to the regulator before 31 March 2021, or the products will be taken off the shelves. In these circumstances we find it unusual people still ask is CBD legal in the UK when it is openly available in the high street.

“The actions that we’re taking today are a pragmatic and proportionate step in balancing the protection of public health with consumer choice. It’s now up to the industry to supply this information so that the public can be reassured that CBD is safe and what it says it is.”

In order to adhere to the new regulations, from March 2020, Feel Good CBD will be working closely with the FSA and other government bodies to ensure that all of our products are closely scrutinized and tested in the lab. Therefore we will be able to carry on business as usual and we will continue to provide you with the highest quality organic CBD products available on the UK market.

So when asked the question; “Are Feel Good CBD products legal?”, we can confidently answer; “Yes!”



How do Feel Good CBD Products work?

All of the Feel Good CBD products contain only the finest natural ingredients and the purest, high-grade CBD, extracted from organic plants. CBD oils and tinctures should be taken orally, once or twice a day. The recommended daily dose of CBD will vary from person to person depending on what they are taking the CBD for. For the best effects the dose is dripped under the tongue and held there for 30 seconds so it is absorbed into the soft palate and into the bloodstream. Using this method means that none, or very little, of the cannabidiol is lost through digestion. The CBD then targets the areas that need it most by activating the body’s endocannabinoid system to help refresh, restore and repair. 

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